For Christians, growth is not optional. It’s mandatory.

In a recent prayer time, I felt this impression from God about some resources and opportunities he’s given me:

“I gave you five talents and you’ve buried them in the ground.”

This felt like a bucket of ice water getting dumped on my head. Like I’d fallen asleep in front of the barracks, neglecting my mission as a soldier.

This got me thinking, what is the role of growth in Christians?

We know we’re supposed to grow spiritually. But what about personally and professionally?

Are we allowed to stay stagnant in every area but our “spiritual lives”?

A better question: is that even possible?

I don’t think it is.

We are bodies and spirits.

As our spiritual person matures, the rest of us should mature with it.

How does growth happen?

Growth happens through strategic discomfort.

Growth comes from doing new things aligned with your vision for the future.

New things are uncomfortable.

They’re scary.

But they’re worth it — AND — are the only path to growth.

Muscles grow by being stressed, fed, and rested.

We grow in the same way.

The Growth Cycle

Stress: we stretch beyond our comfort zone, entering the discomfort of newness.

Feed: we feed our minds, bodies, and spirits with the fuel required to thrive in this discomfort zone.

Rest: we take strategic pauses to reflect and recharge so we can start the cycle over again.

Where is it time to grow?

So, where is it time for you to grow?

In your health?

In your mind?

In your spirit?

In your relationships?

Develop your growth plan through this visualization exercise

One of my favorite ways to figure this out is by a visual exercise called “mindmapping.”

To start mindmapping, find a notebook, piece of paper, whiteboard, or whatever else you can quickly sketch ideas on.

(I use a free piece of software called Xmind.)

Step 1: Define your life vision

The exercise centers on your Life Vision. Which is basically a fancy way of saying, “What do you want to accomplish with your life?”

If you’re married, setting this with your spouse is an incredible way to spend some quality time.

You might find out you both have the exact same vision for your future.

…you want to live in the same place.

…you want to work in the same place.

…you want to serve in the same place.

…you want the same level of income.

…you want to travel the same amount.


You might find that you’ve been operating on very different visions for what a fulfilling future looks like.

Good news. Now’s your chance to get aligned and start building a future you’re both excited about.

Spend some time defining your life vision, and write it in a circle on the center of the page or whiteboard.

Step 2: Choose life areas for growth

Next, write some life areas this vision will require you to grow in.

Branch them off with lines.

They can be anything from physical health to financial freedom. Wherever your vision requires you to be more so you can create a bigger impact — write it down.

Step 3: What does success look like?

Last, one of my favorite questions to ask in EVERYTHING (from business to personal life) is: What does success look like?

For this exercise, branch out some short descriptions from each life area.

To keep up momentum, I like to make these descriptions short and sweet.

Move as quickly as you can and branch, branch, branch until you can’t think of anymore areas!

How to get started?

It’s amazing how motivating clarity is.

Once you get a clear vision for where you’re headed and how you need to grow, you can implement the “P” word…


We’ll save how to do this for a future post. But it boils down to this.

“I can’t do EVERYTHING right now, but I can do SOMETHING.”

So the question is, which life area can make the greatest impact on achieving your life’s vision?

Start there.

You can do all of this on your own.

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